For each individual product you want to promote, eXpresSew will design and submit proposals for three (3) projects. Each proposal in the set of 3 designs includes a project description and B/W sketch. eXpresSew retains all rights to sketches, descriptions and design ideas.

Total for set of 3 designs: $100.00 due in advance.


Once the sponsor approves one or more designs, eXpresSew will develop design ideas into a complete project, including:

  • Instructions written in “teen lingo”
  • B/W technical diagrams
  • Color digital image
  • Pattern pieces or templates as can be printed on 8 1/2” x 11” printer paper (only when applicable).

The content of the project design is provided to the sponsor on a CD or an e-file. Sponsor has unlimited permission to use the photo and instructional information provided to promote the product. eXpresSew will feature the Sponsor’s project on the home page of www.expressew.com for the featured period of time and include it on the free project and archive pages for the following year.

1st project per set of designs: $ 800.00 (- design fee) = $700.00
2nd project per set of designs: $ 675.00
3rd project per set of designs: $ 550.00

Project payment is due upon delivery of electronic file or CD.

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