Dear Home Schooler:

Add SEWING to your home school curriculum with eXpresSew®, a fun, fiber arts program. Sewing builds concentration, self-esteem and creativity. Sewing also reinforces many math concepts through practical use including measurements, fractions and geometry.

eXpresSew® sewing patterns are designed especially for today's youth with the look and approach that attracts and holds attention. Easy-to-follow patterns lead the beginner and intermediate sewer step by step through each individual project. What makes eXpresSew® patterns unique?

  • Self-guided instructions written in casual lingo – techniques thoroughly explained, easy to understand, approachable style
  • Lively graphics – reader friendly layout, sidebars, lots of diagrams
  • Icons that identify frequently used sewing techniques – peppered throughout instructional text, reinforces sewing terminology
  • Trendy projects – modern designs, cool items and fashions kids want to make and use
  • Top Tip page on the back cover - a tear out collectible page with a new technique featured in each pattern. Save in a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" binder to make a personal sewing manual that grows with each new project.

eXpresSew® patterns are thoroughly tested, independently edited and supported by an educational website with additional FREE projects. Our goal is to spread the fun of sewing and teach a practical life skill.

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